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ERPLY Gift Card Integration


I read your article about your gift card integration with TenderCard and was wondering if it would work for my WooCommerce website.

I am open to using something like TenderCard instead of a WooCommerce plugin if it helps. Please let me know.  Thank you.


The integration we did with TenderCard took about a week. Unfortunately, that solution only works with Magento and, specifically, the checkout extension being used. Of course, we know the TenderCard API inside and out now and could probably do an integration between it and WooCommerce a little faster. However, have you actually taken a look at the TenderCard website?

Their website seems like it is from 1995. We've discussed this with the TenderCard management team, but they're unwilling to update it, which raises all sorts of questions.

I think we’re far better off implementing ERPLY’s gift card solution given it’s something you already get as part of their solution and will be better supported, not to mention it will be a completely integrated solution for you.

We haven't dug into ERPLY's gift card API too much, but here's some early information we've received from their developers:

  • Users have to be identified on the website, there can't be anonymous requests trying to validate a gift card.
  • The number of requests should be limited per minute/hour, just to put some additional measures against DOS attack.
  • The following API calls should be used:

Please let us know if you're interested in moving forward with your ERPLY gift card integration, and we'll help you decide which technology is right for your business.  Thank you.