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Runit / Shopify Integration Pricing


My problem is that I want to put some website items on sale without changing the price in Runit.

Sometimes when the price is incorrect, I go to runit to change it, thinking it will update shopify. Sometimes days will go by and the price never gets updated in shopify.

Other times, I will change the price in shopify only to have it overwritten by Runit when I don't want it to.



Pricing should always be done in Runit.
The way the integration is set up is, we ask for any price or inventory changes from Runit every hour. Runit sends us a file of all changes in the last hour and we use that information to set the pricing and inventory in Shopify. We send the information onto Shopify hourly also. So the changes you make will show on the site within , at the most, two hours but usually sooner.
If you do not see the changes within two hours, then your first step is to contact Runit as %90 of the time the issue is that the change you made in your POS did not get included in the file that Runit sent to us. This can happen for various reasons within Runit , but they can help you check the status of that product and resend the information.

If you change the pricing in Shopify, it will show that way for awhile, but the next time there is a change to the inventory of that product the integration will notice that the price is different from that of the Runit price and change it to the Runit price that is on file.