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Overselling on Amazon with Retail Pro


We have a Magento store that's connected to Retail Pro, but we're using a competing product.  We are having a lot of issues with over selling on Amazon.  It looks like it happened because of the pending M2E orders.

So I wanted to ask if you have an integration for Retail Pro and if you take into account pending M2E orders from Amazon when inventory gets updated.  Here's a screenshot of the pending orders in Magento:

I did read your article about Allocation, but it only says about orders in processing status; I could not find anything about pending orders.

M2E marks the status of the order as "Processing" in Magento, which is then picked up and included in our Allocation report.

Thank you, Michael.


Yes, our Retail Pro to Magento integration takes into account these Pending M2E orders in Magento.  The above article you reference about allocation is a good one, but you might also find this one interesting:

I think the confusion is around our terminology of "Pending" vs "Processing." Basically, we’re saying the same thing!

Any order that’s been placed online in either Magento or Amazon, but has not yet shipped, will be consider in the above allocation total.  Of course, we'll also account for orders that have been cancelled and will not consider them in this total.  Brilliant!  Right?

Please let me know if you have any more questions about how to avoid overselling on Amazon with your Retail Pro integration.  Thanks.