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Customizing Your WordPress View


WordPress offers several ways to customize your view, allowing you to work with the tools and views you need, on just about every screen.

Drag and Drop

Many of the screens or views in WordPress allow you to "drag and drop" the fields so that the display works best for how you work.  The Dashboard and the Add Product screen both offer the option to drag and drop the fields into whatever arrangement you'd like. 

To move a field, simply mouse over it, then click and drag the field to the new place.  Once you have the field in its new spot, let go of the mouse button.  The screen will always look this way going forward!

Expand/Collapse Fields

Many of the fields in WordPress can be closed or opened depending on your needs.  Look for a small arrow in the right corner of the field.


Once you expand or close a field, it will stay that way unless you change it.

Screen Options

At the top of every view in WordPress, there is a tab at the top that says "Screen Options."


When you expand or click on the tab, the options for that page will be shown; simply check or uncheck the option or view you'd like to have.  

The view is automatically saved and won't change unless you change it again.