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I would like to integrate my WooCommerce website with a service called GoDataFeed.  Is that something you can help me with?


We love GoDataFeed and use it all the time.  Yes, it is really simple to integrate GoDataFeed into your WooCommerce website.  Honestly, you probably may not even need Modern Retail's help, although we'd be happy to lend a hand if needed.  Simply contact GoDataFeed, and they will work with you to get products flowing from WooCommerce to GoDataFeed and then onto whatever marketplace you wish.

GoDataFeed's integration with WooCommerce sends your entire catalog from WooCommerce whether you are selling all your products on a marketplace or not.  Meaning, you will pay GoDataFeed's fees for every product you send whether you're actually selling those products or not.

As always, please submit a Support Request if you need anything else.  Thank you.