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Ascend Website Integration


I own a bike shop and use Ascend as my in-store POS system.  I would like to get Ascend integrated with my website.  I'm also thinking of using a service called SmartEtailing which would populate all the product information for my online catalog.  Can you work with both Ascend and SmartEtailing to get everything integrated for me?


I'm actually aware of both companies and have spoken with the founder of SmartEtailing before.  SmartEtailing does a nice job of writing descriptions of all your products using their in-house copywriters.  Ascend offers a direct integration with SmartEtailing, so what's really needed is an integration between SmartEtailing and your website.  Modern Retail currently has integrations with the following e-commerce platforms:  Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

May I make a suggestion?  Could you please e-mail your representative at  SmartEtailing and let them know you’re interested in getting SmartEtailing integrated with your website?  If you copy me on the message, I’ll immediately reply asking to set up a meeting with SmartEtailing .  Getting our developers to talk with their developers, even for 30 minutes, makes a huge difference and can really help to “jump start” the integration efforts.

Please let me know if you need anything else or would like to jump on a call before getting with SmartEtailing.  Thank you.