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Quickbooks POS Timed-Sales Integration


We are wondering if there is a way to integrate promotional pricing from Quickbooks to Magento? We do lots of instant rebate discounts as per suppliers requests; these discount are for limited time periods. This information is entered in Quickbooks under price manager, and we do the same in our website manually. We are using a competing product now with Open Cart, which will be changing to Magento soon, but they are not able to transfer the information from POS to Open Cart. The only information transferred with competing products is the pricing and quantity in stock.

Here's an example of what I'd like to do:

Please let me know if you this is something you can do for us with your Quickbooks POS Integrator.  Thank you.


I'm sorry, this is not a feature we offer with our Quickbooks POS Integrator.  Yes, technically it is possible to do this with our Magento Integrator but not specifically with Quickbooks POS.  We have other POS systems where this feature is supported but just not on Quickbooks POS, I'm afraid. Sorry.