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Aloha Integration


Hello. We have a client who is looking to create a site like Dominos; one that allows their customers to buy food online and have it delivered or pick it up. They need to integrate with their POS Aloha. Also, the company is in Saudi Arabia, so the site would need to be in 2 languages and currencies.

Is this something you could do, and would you be interested? Which platform would work best? We like WordPress at our firm but are not sure it is robust enough.

Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our POS integrations.  We only support WooCommerce on WordPress.  I know there are other e-commerce platforms on WordPress, but WooCommerce is the only one we support today.

The following article talks about WooCommerce and Aloha:

As you can see, we need to talk with someone at NCR to see how we can get Aloha integrated with WooCommerce for you.  As the article suggests, if you can set up a meeting with NCR we’d love to talk with them.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.