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Shopify RICS Inventory Discrepancies


We have several products where the inventory is much more in Shopify than in our RICS POS. How can that be? 


In a case like this,  I can look at our integration and see the information for this product. It tells me the inventory from RICS, the inventory in Shopify, and when the last update from RICS was.

As you can see from the example above, the totals we are getting from RICS and the ones that are showing in Shopify are equal. The last update was more than a week ago, so it may suggest that if you made changes since then, they have not been included in the RICS update file.

This may occur for a couple reasons, and you should first check if the product is still correctly assigned to the webstore in RICS.

Secondly, you should also check that the supplier code is still correctly assigned. 

If both of these are correct, you should then contact RICS to have them help you figure out why they are not being included in the update files.