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Allowing Backorder (Integrated Stores)


If your WooCommerce store is integrated with your Point of Sale system, you can over-ride the inventory management of a product by allowing backorder.  The steps below will take you thru the process.

When you are integrated with your point of sale system, inventory is managed at the item level.  This means inventory lives at the size/color/option level, not at the product level.

Inventory for an option can be seen within the variations, simply select an option and expand it.


To Allow Backorder for a product, you have to allow it for each variation because that's where the inventor lives.  Follow these steps:

  • Find the product and expand the first variation.
  • Go to the Allow Backorders drop down and select one of the options. (Allow Backorder or Allow but notify customer.)
  • Update the stock status to "in stock".
  • Go thru all the variations for the product and follow the same steps.
  • Publish/Update your product when done.

When you Allow, this "forces" the option/product to display on the site and be purchased regardless of the quantity on hand.

When you Allow, but notify customer, this does the same thing as "Allow" but also notifies the shopper that the product is on backorder.  In general, if you can get the product in from the vendor fairly quickly, it may not be necessary to notify your shopper. 

Choosing between the options depends on how long it will take to get the product in stock.