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Restaurant Dine-In Industry POS System


I have spoken to the client’s current pos vendor, and they are VERY unwilling to work with anybody concerning online integration as they offer their own online ordering module that has its own monthly costs. They do not have an API and are very against integrating with a framework like WooCommerce.

We’re looking into other options at this point, and I wanted to hear from you as to maybe any restaurant clients you work with and what they’re currently using? I figured you’d be a good starting point to get some options out there. We’d be interested in using your integration after switching to a new POS vendor, but really want a starting place to look into something that fits the restaurant dine-in industry. We have a pizza and pasta restaurant and are very set on using WooCommerce and integrating our POS system with WooCommerce.

Any pointers you could lend a hand to as to what you’ve seen work the best for a "server orders, pass order to kitchen terminal" workflow based POS would be appreciated.

Thank you


I'm very sorry your POS vendor is taking that position.  I find that position interesting because it is really counter-intuitive to where the industry is heading - companies are trying to create more connections with their applications, not less. I'm not saying they can't offer their own solution, but to offer it as their only solution is ludicrous.

Picking a POS for someone is pretty hard – it’s like picking out a new car or spouse – it’s nearly impossible.  However, you will probably find the following article interesting:

Please take a look at the above list of POS systems and let me know if you need help.  While we're not an expert with all these POS systems, we can certainly point you in the right direction and let you know which ones have nice integrations with your website.  Thank you.