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Order Went down to QuickBooks twice


We had an order go down this morning, and it is showing up on our POS twice - the customer was charged for the same order twice! How can we fix this???


We show only one order and one charge to the customer. You can check that in the order history, the POS Transaction Report or the CC Transaction Report in Store Manager.

An order might get sent down to QB POS twice if the integrator was started up while it was currently running. This could happen if it was manually run during the time it was automatically running in the background. Not sure if that's what happened here, but that is a possible way the order might have been sent down to QB POS twice. Most likely, both of these orders came at very close to the same time.

The receipt we have saved from QB POS is 41847. You should reverse the OTHER receipt in QB POS to get the accounting and inventory correct.