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Aggregate or Location-Based Inventory

Modern Retail is able to pull product data in two ways:

  • Aggregate Inventory - a single inventory value combining the total inventory for a product
  • Location-based Inventory - separate inventory values by location

With location-based inventory, you can decide which locations Modern Retail pulls from:

  • All locations - product data will be calculated and updated by individual locations
  • Select locations - product data will be calculated and updated by select locations. For example, if you have ten locations with product data, but only want five locations to be available on the website, we can send only those five locations

During the Onboarding process, Modern Retail needs to know which inventory configuration you'd like to use.

There are three options:

  • Aggregate Inventory
  • Select Location Inventory*
  • All Locations Inventory

*If you choose select location inventory, please message your Project Manger with the list of locations to use.

If you have any questions about inventory, please let us know.