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Ordoro Integration


I'm thinking about signing up for Ordoro and would like to know if you can get my point of sale system integrated with it. 



Looks like Ordoro has three major components to it:

  1. Creates Shipping Labels
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Helps with Drop Shipping

Creating Shipping Labels and Drop Shipping makes complete sense; however, we'd have to dig into how Ordoro manages inventory.  Typically, when we do an integration with a POS or ERP system, they are the "master" when it comes to inventory and pricing, and everything else is the "slave." Meaning, the POS or ERP system tells the website, marketplaces, shipping tools, etc. the inventory and price of the products, and any changes to QOH or price are pushed from the POS or ERP (aka the "master" of all inventory).  However, this is little different from how Ordoro sees the world.


My guess is all of this will still work pretty well.  I'm thinking the POS or ERP system will still be the "master" around inventory, but Ordoro will be the "next in charge." In other words, the POS or ERP system could feed updates to Ordoro, and then Ordoro would send updates anywhere else they were needed. Looks like we would also need to get orders from Ordoro and send them down to the POS or ERP system, but I don't think that would be a problem either.

The good news is it looks like Ordoro has a nice API:

Let us know if you would like us to dig into an integration with Ordoro.  Thank you.