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Epicor Prophet 21 Integration


Hello, I have a client that uses Prophet 21 software. I am a website development company and have had a very hard time completing this project for them. They came to me to develop an e-commerce retail website. I have done this lots before, but due to the complex search requirements, several databases, and problems getting their database to communicate with a CMS system, I could not get any CMS to work with their new site.

Can someone please contact me to see if you can help complete this project? I do have designs and a wireframe worked up already.



I believe you are talking about Epicor’s Prophet 21.  While we have an integration with another Epicor product (Eagle), we have not yet tackled the integration with Prophet 21.  The good news is that we did get our hands on the Prophet 21 API documentation, so technically we’re able to do this integration for you.

We would love to help you with this integration.  What e-commerce platform are you using for the website?  We currently have integrations with Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

The big question that needs to be answered is where will the shipping be done?  Please read the following to understand more:

You also might be interested in the following:

Please let me know if we’re in the ballpark here, and we’ll get together to discuss next steps.  Thanks.