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Product Naming


Modern Retail recommends your product names follow a simple, consistent format. 

Naming a product should be simple and straight forward, using easy to understand language and avoiding using "back-room" or industry jargon.  For example, instead of naming your product:

  • L/S Tee - Blue

We recommend you name it:

  • Long Sleeve Tee - Blue

In addition to including the style of the product in the name, Modern Retail recommends you include the color in the name.  You may follow whatever format makes sense for your catalog; options are to place the color at either the beginning or end of the product name:

  • Blue Long Sleeve Tee
  • Long Sleeve Tee - Blue

Any divider may be used:

  • Commas - Long Sleeve Tee, Blue
  • Semi-Colons - Long Sleeve Tee : Blue
  • Dash - Long Sleeve Tee - Blue
  • Tilde - Long Sleeve Tee ~ Blue
  • In - Long Sleeve Tee in Blue

Consider adding a single space on either side of the divider to make the name easy to read.  Whatever format you choose, use it consistently throughout your catalog.

As part of the site's design and development, we'll automatically pull in the designer or brand name for you.