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Customer-Based Pricing (B2B Websites)


I can define different prices for my goods based on my customer's volume and contract with us.  These prices are all defined within our ERP system.  Are you able to integrate with my ERP system so when someone logs into my website, they see their pricing instead of the default, retail price?  I would like to show both prices:

  • B2C Customers - These customers would see the retail price on the site which would allow them to immediately buy the product and checkout.
  • B2B Customers - These are my business customers who have been defined in my ERP system. I would like these customers to login so they can see their pricing on the website.

Is this possible?  Thank you in advance.


This is absolutely possible and something we can do for you when building a Bigcommerce, Magento or WooCommerce website. Of course it all starts with our Integration Middleware and your ERP system.  Your ERP system needs to be able to send us this information so we can pass it along to your website.  Modern Retail has seen a huge influx of B2B websites in 2015 and customer-based pricing seems to be the heart of all these sites.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our integration capabilities or would like us to build you a B2B website.  Thank you.