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We are needing a platform that will allow us to market and sell 2 different lines of products. We house the largest zipline in the world and have guests that frequent our gift shop, but we also build zipline canopy tours and sell the equipment for building and operating zipline canopy tours. We would like to sell our gift shop items online as well as our equipment. We need e-commerce and POS options.



Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail.  While we integrate with a bunch of POS/ERP systems, we’re not a consulting company that helps companies pick the perfect POS system for their business.  Frankly, it will be very difficult for me to tell you which is the “best” system for you because “best” is relative to you and your needs.  It is sort of like buying a car – I would have the same trouble picking out the make, model, color, interior, etc. for you.

However, saying that, you will probably find the following article helpful:

I’d be happy to have a conference call with you as well, just know that I’m not an expert in all these systems – although I might be able to give you some guidance based on your requirements.

As a side note, I noticed you are using concrete5 as you CMS.  Are you going to use a concrete5 add-on for e-commerce, or are you going to use someone like Shopify or Bigcommerce?  While we also support WooCommerce and Magento, I’m thinking Shopify or Bigcommerce is probably what you need.

Again, let me know if you’d like to get together.  Thanks.