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Bike Manufacturer & ERP System


We currently use Shopify to power our e-commerce storefront, and this works okay for retail customers who buy off the web. We do, however, need a better way to track our inventory.

We also sell to bike shops who place orders for multiple bikes at a time and at a different price than customers on the website. The shops don't pay tax as they are reseller licensed.

What we are looking for is a system that allows shops as well as individuals to place orders (different portals I would imagine). This will then interact with our inventory system (we currently sort of use Skubana, but it's not working well) and also populate shipping information we can print out so we can get the bikes shipped. For this last piece, we use ShipStation as well as Skubana. Skubana's rates are a bit better, so we prefer that.

We are growing very fast and figuring this out is a top priority for us.



On the surface, it sounds like you need an ERP system.  While we integrate with a bunch of POS/ERP systems, we’re not a consulting company that helps companies pick the perfect ERP system for their business.  Frankly, it will be very difficult for me to tell you which is the “best” system for you because “best” is relative to you and your needs.  It is sort of like buying a car – I would have the same trouble picking out the make, model, color, interior, etc. for you.

However, saying that, you will probably find the following article helpful:

I’d be happy to have a conference call with you as well, just know that I’m not an expert in all these systems – although I might be able to give you some guidance on your direction.  Thank you.