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Lightspeed API Problems


My website is not being updated as often as it used to from Lightspeed.  What's going on?  Can you fix it so my prices and inventory get updated more frequently?  Right now it appears it is only happening once a day.



You are absolutely right, the Lightspeed API is only available to us a couple of hours a night.  This change was announced by Lightspeed on September 18, 2015 "in order to prioritize your store's ability to process sales":

You can monitor the status of this change by visiting Lightspeed's Status Page:

Admittedly, this is a surprising and drastic measure by Lightspeed, and we can only assume they had to make this change due to performance problems.  Unfortunately, this change is seriously hampering our clients' abilities to conduct business online and is causing products to be sold online that are no longer in stock or sold at the incorrect price.

I'm sorry, without Lightspeed's API working 24 hours a day, there's not much we can do to make sure your website is in-sync with Lightspeed.

Please submit a Support Request if you have any more questions about Lightspeed's API problems.  Thank you.



November 10, 2015

The Lightspeed API is operational again.