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FarFetch Integration


Have you ever heard of a website called FarFetch?  They sell goods from luxury stores like mine.  Would it be possible to get my website integrated with FarFetch?


Coincidentally, we just heard about FarFetch and would love to help you get your website integrated with this marketplace.  Your products seem like a perfect fit on their website:

Do you have a contact at FarFetch?  If so, please send them an e-mail and let them know you'd like to get your website integrated with their services.  Please get us involved with this conversation, and we'll get our developers with their developers to figure out the best way to transfer your product catalog to their website.  It looks like consumers place orders directly on their website, like they would on Amazon or eBay, so it will be interesting to find out if we can pull in the orders to your website as well.  Of course, pulling in orders will also send them down to your POS system which would be nice because it would automate this entire process for you.

Please let us know when you've talked with someone from FarFetch; we'd love to get with them to figure out what can be done around this integration.  Thank you.

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