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Counterpoint Integration with Multiple Websites


I use Counterpoint and would like to get them integrated with my two websites, but how I want them set up is a little unique.  I have two different websites, let's call them and These two websites correspond with two different locations in Counterpoint, Location #1 and Locations #2

Using your Counterpoint integration, can I connect Location #1 to and Location #2 to  Is there a specific e-commerce platform this would work better on than the others you support?

I would appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.  Thank you.


I understand what you would like to do, and I'm happy to report this is something we can do with our Counterpoint Integrator.  We can also do this for all the e-commerce platforms we support, which today includes:

  • Bigcommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

You can even mix and match e-commerce platforms if you wish.  Meaning, you could have one website running Magento and the second website running Bigcommerce.  Which e-commerce platform you use will not make a different for our Counterpoint integration.

However, we would require you to purchase a license for each integration, which you can do here:

Modern Retail will install one or more of our Counterpoint Integrators on your server or workstations and get everything configured for you.  We can install as many of these integrators as you like as long as only one is running per computer.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.  Thank you.