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RICS Integration with Multiple Shopify Websites


I operate two different websites for my soccer business.  One for the Youth side of my business and a second website for my older Select soccer players.  I use RICS as my point of sale software but have both businesses in the same RICS store.  Is it possible to integrate this one RICS store with my two different Shopify websites?

The products I sell for Youth and Select are completely different, so the products for Youth should only be on the Youth Shopify store and the products for Select will only be sold on the Select Shopify store. I use RICS Classes to separate Youth from Select, and I'm hoping that will help you in some way as well.  Could you please let me know?



Yes, we can get your one RICS store integrated with both of your Shopify websites.  Here's how it would work:

  • RICS can configure things on their side to send all your products to two different integrations (webstores).
  • To Modern Retail, these will look like two different integrations, allowing us to send all your products to Shopify Store #1 and Shopify Store #2.
  • While we can't separate out your products by Classes as you suggested in Shopify Store #1 and Shopify Store #2, you will be able to delete the products in Shopify that don't belong in that store.  Deleting the Youth products from the Select site and the Select product from the Youth site has a few advantages:
    • Allows you to only see the Youth products in the Youth store and the same thing for Select.
    • It will cut down on the number of data that needs to be sent to Shopify, saving your Shopify API calls for legit product updates.
    • Will help you keep your two Shopify sites in order with less clutter.
  • Orders from both Shopify stores will flow down into the same RICS store.  Because you are using Classes, most of the reports in RICS will be separated by Youth and Select.  However, don't forget you also have your reports in Shopify if you ever need something.  Those reports, for example, would be able to quickly tell you how many orders you had for both businesses.

This is a pretty nice setup and a bit fortuitous that you're using RICS Classes in this way because it will help you as you get orders from your two Shopify websites.

If you have any questions or need anything else, please let us know.  Thank you.