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Integration Process

The Counterpoint Integrator consist of 2 parts. An application interface which allows the user to manually run and execute transfer functions and a Windows Service that runs in the background. The Windows Service executes transfer functions is based on timers values found in Setup Timers/Throttle. Theoretically, you don't ever have to run the application manually. The Integrator's background Windows service will do all the work required.

New items added to Counterpoint that have marked to sell on the website will automatically be transferred when the full synchronization is performed, usually nightly. Once new items have been pushed by full synchronization job, the background Windows Service will check every number of minutes define in Timers/Throttle Setup.

There are 2 transfer function in the Integrator application that can be executed manually from the 'Functions' menu. Both transfer functions work similarly, but are designed for different types of  Counterpoint Items.

  1. Update POS Products
  2. Update POS Grid Products

Update POS Products

Update POS Grid Products