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Lightspeed Pro WooCommerce Integration


We currently run 2 web stores built with WooCommerce. We have Lightspeed Pro as our inventory and order/invoices management system. Very soon, we will need multi-store Lightspeed as we will have one location (our office) dedicated for PO and reports management and one location (our warehouse) for inventory/orders/invoices management.

We would like those 2 web stores to connect and sync with each other. Is it possible? What are the costs, time and efforts to be involved in such project?



Thank you for contacting Modern Retail.  We would love to help you with your Lightspeed/WooCommerce integration.

Are you using the “on-premise” version of Lightspeed or the “cloud” version?

To make a long story short, we can integrate with both, but the “cloud” version is better than the “on-premise” version.  Please let me know.  Thank you.