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Infor ERP WooCommerce Integration


Hi. We have an older version of Infor ERP – back when it was still Baan, and I believe you'd be able to integrate with it. Unfortunately, I have no idea if there's an API for the older version, and apparently we can't upgrade due to other issues with another site of ours that uses Baan as well. If this is the case, I'd like an idea of how much it would cost and length of time to get the integration from WooCommerce to Baan so that the new site (which isn't even close to being finished) reads Baan's inventory, and also, so that any orders placed on the new site go to Baan to be actioned after the payment has been taken. Let me know if you need more info from me.



Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail.  We would love to help you get Infor ERP integrated with your WooCommerce website.  You’re right, if it is an older version it might not have an API.  However, I would encourage you to double-check to make sure because using an API is always the easier option.

I’m going to assume for now that your older version of Infor ERP does not have an API.  We can still integrate with Infor using our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader:

We can certainly help you get order and customer information loaded into Infor ERP from WooCommerce, but getting this to work is heavily dependent upon Infor’s capabilities.  If Infor can pull a file off an FTP site and use it to insert orders into their system, then we can automate the entire process for you.  We can even create this order file in a format specified by Infor.  You can read more about how this works here:

If Infor doesn’t have an “automated” way of reading these files, we could still create an order file and place it on the FTP site, allowing you to come and grab it and insert the orders “manually.”  Of course, you could also create a similar export directly out of WooCommerce.

Please let me know if you'd like to get together to discuss this implementation.  We'd be happy to jump on a call with Infor as well.  Thank you.