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Bundling Products


Magento's Bundling option allows you to sell multiple products together as one product; creating a "bundle" that is added to the bag with one click.  The steps below will take you thru the process of creating a bundle.

  • Log into Magento > Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product.  (All Bundled products start this way, even for integrated clients!)

  • On the next step, change the Product Type drop-down to Bundle Product and then click Continue.

  • The next screen will look very familiar!  Complete all the fields as appropriate, adding descriptions, brands, etc.

For the SKU Field you have 2 choices:

  1. Dynamic: This means the SKU will populate based on the bundle product SKUs.
  2. Fixed: You can set the SKU for this product.

For the Weight Field you also have 2 choices:

  1. Dynamic:  This means the weight will automatically populate or total based on the products chosen.
  2. Fixed:  For fixed weight, you set the weight for the whole product here.
  • Be sure to enable the product!

Save & Continue Edit.

  • On the Prices tab review the fields and edit as needed.  By default, pricing is set to Dynamic and will pull in the pricing from the bundled products.  Set the price view to either By Range or As low as....

On the Inventory tab set the Stock Availability to In Stock.


Work your way thru the rest of the tabs as appropriate for your site.

At the bottom of the menu will be the Bundle Items option.

  • Set the Shipment mode at the top of the screen.  You can ship the bundled items either together or separately.
  • For the Bundle Items click Add New Options on the left side.

  • Set the Default Title for the option.  This is the name of the product for this piece or option of the bundle.
  • Make the selections for the Input Type, Is Required and Position; then select Add Selection.

  • This step is where you'll add the simple products associated with this Option. Search for the product and then mark the selected items you want to add to this option by clicking Add Selected Product(s) to Option.

Save and Continue Edit.

Select Add New Options at the top and repeat the process for as many options as your Bundle has.

Be sure to hit Save and Continue Edit between adding options.