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Amazon, RetailEdge & UPC Codes


We are considering Amazon Selling and would like to know if you've set up this type of feed for some of your other stores. Can you provide me some store names that have an integration between Retail Edge and Amazon?


When a consumer buys this product, the store gets notified and logs into Amazon to send out their order, very similar to what you do in Store Manager today.

Regarding a Retail Edge specific example, I don't think we have one, but I'm not quite sure that makes a difference. The POS system is independent of the actual integration with Amazon. The thing that is important is that every product in your catalog have a UPC code. Without a UPC code, you cannot sell your products on Amazon. I did take a look at your catalog, and you do not have ANY valid UPC codes for your products. Please read:

You would need to have valid UPC codes to sell on Amazon, which must be entered into Retail Edge. I suspect this may be too daunting of a task for you to enter UPC codes for all your products. In that case, the only other option for you to "promote" your products on Amazon is using Amazon Product Ads. You can read about about both of these here:

Please let us know if you have any more questions or would like to promote your products using Amazon Product Ads. Thank you.