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Sell Lightspeed WooCommerce Integration


Hi, would you be willing to sell your Lightspeed POS integration software for WooCommerce as a stand alone piece of software?



Sorry, that’s not an option because all our integrations pass through our middleware, which obviously costs us money to run and operate.

Of course, we think there’s a lot of value in what we do!  We free you up as a developer from having to worry about the Lightspeed/WooCommerce integration so you can focus your efforts on the website design and development.  We are also constantly improving our WooCommerce integration, not to mention providing ongoing support and free upgrades.

You and your customer will also love our WooCommerce Integrator dashboard which gives you an overview of what’s happening with your Lightspeed integration with WooCommerce.

Good luck to you if you don’t find our solution a good fit for you and your customer. Thanks.