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Activity Log Plugin


The WordPress Activity Log Plugin allows you monitor who has logged into the dashboard.  Here's some of the items it logs:

  • Posts - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Pages - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Custom Post Type - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Tags - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Categories - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Media - Uploaded, Edited, Deleted
  • Users - Login, Logout, Login has failed, Update profile, Registered and Deleted
  • Plugins - Installed, Updated, Activated, Deactivated, Changed
  • Widgets - Added to a sidebar / Deleted from a sidebar, Order widgets
  • Menus - A menu is being Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Setting - General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks
  • WooCommerce - Monitor all shop options

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