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Lightspeed Payment Gateway with WooCommerce


I need a gateway payment system set up to connect my store with my website for payment. The store is using Goel software but will be switching to Lightspeed in April. It might be best to just set up Pay Pal until then. Need to know if you can set that up for me again?



Thank you for contacting Modern Retail.  Modern Retail is actually two companies in one:

  1. Agency – We’re an agency who builds websites for our customers.
  2. Software Company – We have software and services that connect POS/ERP systems to various e-commerce platforms.

This is a little different from a "gateway payment system," but I suspect you might need help getting Lightspeed synchronized with your website, and that’s where we come along.

I took a quick look at your website, and it looks like you are using WooCommerce.  That’s definitely something we can help you do both on the Agency side or simply selling you an integration (Software side).  If you hire Modern Retail to build your website for you, we’d of course also configure your payment gateway.  WooCommerce supports a variety of payment gateways, and we’d help you configure the right one for your business.  Here’s a little write-up talking about the Authorize.Net payment gateway:

Please let me know if you're interested in getting together to discuss Modern Retail building a website for your store or if you want us to do just the Lightspeed integration for you.  Thank you.