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Product List - Products per Row

The options listed on this page allow you to choose the way a product shows on the department and category pages. 

Products Per Row:

This allows you to define how many products display in a row, using the slider to increase or decrease the number.

NOTE: The space defined by the CSS of the site will limit the number that will show correctly.

For example, if the site is set up with four images, you will be able to reduce the number to 3 or 2 with out any trouble, but if you raise the number to five or six, the images may show as stacked to fit in the allotted space. To correctly display the increased number of images may require changes to the sites layout.

With the amount set to "3,"  the images show correctly with increased spacing between images.

With the amount set to "5,"  the images show incorrectly as there is not enough space to fit all the images. This will require changes to the styling of the site.