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Spanish WooCommerce Website Integration


I have almost finished the first development of a WooCommerce WordPress based website for a small retailer based on a single POS store. Shortly, I should start the process of importing the POS store products archives from the POS store. And eventually, I will require to connect the POS stock management system to my site's WooCommerce stock management system. So, I am exploring the proper software for this purpose. I would appreciate very much to learn from your assistance on which are your first recommendations to start working on this integration.

Besides, since my site now in English needs to be in Spanish, I am also making some research on the available Spanish translations from the customer interface from the WooCommerce plugin webpages. Please, if you have any recommendation, let me know.

I have been advised that it is a standard cost to Integrate POS/ERPs to WooCommerce websites systems. Can you tell me more about this requirement? And if it is timely, please, can you provide me a proposal?



Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail, we would love to help you with this project.  What POS software is your customer using today?  As I’m sure you noticed from our website, we support a lot of different versions.  You can actually find the cost of these integrations on our website here:

If you don’t find your POS system listed on the above list, please let me know, and we’ll work with you to get your system integrated with WooCommerce.  Thank you.