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Sage 1000 Magento Integration


I found you online and have read through the articles you wrote about your Inventory CSV / XML Uploader and I believe it may work for a Sage 1000 integration we're doing with Magento.  I also read the article you created on the format of the inventory file and would assume this is possible in Sage 1000. I also like how I can automate this entire process by sending and reading files from FTP.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Sage at all so I don't know, but I expect that it would be fairly straight forward to set up and configure?


I’m sorry but we don't yet have any experience with Sage 1000.  However, in general it is pretty easy to get product data out of a POS or ERP system.  All systems have some sort of "inventory report" you can use for the integration which will include fields like a Product Name, Price, Description, QOH, etc.  I also suspect Sage even has a more sophisticated report generation tool, allowing you to create a custom report in the exact format we need.  We can accept a lot of different fields in product upload file.  As it sounds like you read, the following article describes the most commonly used fields:

Typically, there are two things that are a little more difficult to accomplish:

  1. Importing Online Orders
  2. Automating the Process

We can send your Magento orders to the same FTP site allowing you to pick them up and insert them into Sage.  We can create an order file in nearly any CSV or XML format you want, the trick is you need to know Sage well enough to be able to automatically insert these order records into the system.  Similarly, if you can automatically send the "inventory report" to FTP then you can automate the product upload as well.

Please check with Sage because you may find they already have a solution in place for this type of integration. We’re working on another integration now that, to our amazement, does exactly what we need for this integration.  It can automatically generate a CSV file of the product inventory and send it to FTP, and it can pick up orders from FTP and automatically insert them into the system.  All of this was a default feature of the system and all the consultant needed to do was configure it!

Finally, you will probably ask how often you can synchronize data. Most integrations will put new a new product file up every 30 or 60 minutes and will come grab the new orders at the same time.  However, this is completely configurable in both directions (we have one integration that send products every 60 minutes but comes grabs orders every 5 minutes).

When you're ready to buy this integration you can do so here:

I hope that helps.  Please let me know if you need anything else.  Thank you.