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Ethos WooCommerce Integration


Hi, We are looking at upgrading our website and would like to integrate our POS software with our WooCommerce site. Our current POS software is Ethos Accounting.  Can you help us?


Ethos looks to be an accounting package, something like Intuit’s Quickbooks.  But unlike Quickbooks, Ethos appears to be an open source solution.  At first glance it didn’t appear that they offered a Point of Sale (POS) solution but after downloading the manual I see they actually do (attached).  It also appears like Ethos has an “Export Report” feature. If you can get us an Inventory Report from Ethos, we’d be able to get it integrated with WooCommerce!  Please read:

Modern Retail's Inventory CSV / XML Uploader

I’m not sure what Ethos’ capabilities are around exporting this file but if it can be automated and this report can be automatically sent to an FTP site, then we could easily automate this entire process for you.

Please let me know if you’re interested or have more questions.  Thank you.