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Product Naming


The following are Modern Retail's recommendations for best practices around product naming.

  • Naming a product should be simple and straightforward!
  • Product names should be 70 characters* or less in length.  (Spaces & punctuation count as characters!)
  • Consider using easy to understand language.  Abbreviations and "industry speak" should be avoided.  For example, use Short Sleeved Tee - Blue instead of S/S Tee - Blue.
  • The product name and color can be separated by any punctuation you like; commas, dashes, colons etc.  Whichever you choose, use it consistently throughout the catalog.

* Some marketplaces, like Google Products, will generate an error if your product name is longer than 70 characters.  Even if you don't initially plan on sending your catalog to Google Products, it is much easier to operate under the assumption that you will send your catalog one day versus editing a large catalog of products down the line.