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Managing Search Terms & Results


The default search in Magento allows you to control the results your shopper will see.  You can also clear out old search terms or add a new search term.  The steps below will take you thru each option.

Search terms can be found in Magento > Catalog > Search Terms.

The listing you see shows the following information:

  • Search Query:  This is the term your shopper searched for on the site.
  • Results:  This is the number of products that were returned in the results.
  • Number of Uses:  This number represents how many times the search term was used.
  • Synonym For:  This field can be used to list a similar search term that should return the same results as the original.
  • Redirect:   This field shows the link you may have assigned to the search term.
  • Display in Suggested Terms: This controls whether or not the terms should show in the search field when a shopper enters their search term.

To control the results a shopper is taken to via their search term, follow these steps:

  • Log into Magento > Catalog > Search Terms.
  • Find the term you want to manage in the listing.
  • Click "Edit" in the far right column.  You'll be taken to a new screen.

  • Enter the results URL you want shoppers to be taken to in the "Redirect URL" field.
  • You can change the "Display in Suggested Terms" field to "No" if you'd like the terms your shoppers enter to not display when they enter a term. 
  • When set to "Yes", the search field on the site will look like:

Follow these steps to clear out the search terms you want removed.

  • Check the box beside the terms you'd like removed. 

  • Look for the "Actions" box on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Select "Delete" from the dropdown and hit "Submit".

You can also add a Search Term that will populate in the listing under the search box for your shoppers.  This is a great marketing option for popular products!  Simply click on the "Add New Search Term" and complete the fields.

  • Consider using the "Synonym For" field for mis-spellings of the product name.
  • Also consider configuring a Redirect URL to control the results a shopper gets.