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Odoo WooCommerce Integration


We use Odoo and would like to get it integrated with our WooCommerce website.  Do you have an integrate between Odoo and WooCommerce?  I'm a developer and could do this integration myself if you give me the tools.


Initially I didn’t think I heard of Odoo before but then realized it was OpenERP, rebranded.  They’ve done a nice job with their new logo and branding.

No I’m sorry we don’t have an integration with Odoo yet.  However, getting one done wouldn’t be all that difficult because we have an API which we could use to connect Odoo to a variety of ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce,  Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Given you're a developer, it will probably be pretty easy for you to understand our API and get it integrated with Odoo.  Here’s some additional information about Modern Retail's Integration API:

If that's of interest to you please Contact Us and we'll work together to get this integration with Odoo going for you.  Thank you.