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Event Registration & Ticketing Management

Event Espresso may just be the perfect WordPress plugin to manage your events.  With Event Express you get the features you need to register and accept events for classes, workshops, outings, conferences, social, and any other type of event you can think of.  Online registration makes it easy to register and collect fees, assign seats, and create a "green" paperless ticketing system.


Multiple Ticket & Pricing Options Multiple Dates & Times Per Event
Customized Event Registration Customizable Event Designs
Customized Confirmation Emails Event Calendar
Collect Payments Tax Administration
Ticket Selector Smart Single Page Checkout
Custom Post Types Google Maps
Default Prices Promotional Codes
Mobile Ticketing Apps Contact Profiles & Contact List
Default Price Types Manual Registration
Event Check-in List Ticketless Events
Waiting lists In-app Documentation
Admin Pre-approval Public Commenting
Private Comments on Contacts Event RSS Feeds
Keyword Rich URLs Draft (status) Events
Optimized for WordPress 3.8+ Object-oriented Programming
Hooks, Actions & Filters Define Extra Meta Information
Maintenance Mode Metabox Management & Reorganization
Full Logging, Remote Logging Spam Protection
Easy Event Management Your Organization Settings
Country Settings 15+ Languages
Import Events Default Tickets
Multiple Attendee Registration Venue Manager
WYSIWYG Editor A Community of Event Experts
One-click Upgrades Attendee Profiles
Social Sharing Staff Manager
Invoice Payment Reminders Categorize Events
Event Posts Transaction Reporting
Accurate Attendee Manager 40+ Other Features

Event Espresso pretty much has everything you need when it comes to online event registration.