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Sale Page Display Order


We just started our Winter Sale. Why do all of the old, previously marked down sale items show up first on the sale page?



That page is ordered by the modified date, with the most recent at the top.
Now the catch is that the date used is when it was modified in Store Manager, not your POS. Note that inventory or price changes from your POS do not reset the modified date. Only a change to the product info in Store Manager does that.

So, if you want to move some pieces up to the top of the page, you have to go into those products and actually make a change to it (i.e. add a space to the product name field, then remove it and hit save). This will reset the modified date and move the product to the top of the page.

If you have a large amount of products that you are putting on sale, and you want them to show at the top of the page, you can provide us with a list of the product IDs, and we can run a script to change the modified date for all those products so they show at the top. There would be a charge for this, typically just our minimum charge of 30 minutes. If you are interested in this, please submit a support request.