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Logical Concept WooCommerce Integration


Hello, we are about to begin the development of the online store of my client's company. We will develop the site using WooCommerce, and our client would like to sync his POS inventory with the inventory of the online store. The problem, however, is that the software he uses is from Logical Concept called BusinessAdmin and they don't have an API.  As you can see, this is kind of an obscure POS system, and it would be very difficult for us to synchronize the inventory. I apologize the website is in Spanish, but you could use Google Translate to get an idea of how it works. As I understand that POS system uses Microsoft Access database structure. Can you help us? Thank you in advance.



Yes, I believe we can help.  I took a look at the Logical Concept website and translated it using Google as you suggested.  While I didn’t find any information about exporting product data from BusinessAdmin, I’m sure one exists.  Exporting  an inventory report from BusinessAdmin will allow you to update your online inventory as explained here:

As you can see from the above articles, it won't be hard get an integration working with Logical Concept.  Additionally, if you wanted to do some development, you could automate the entire process by using our FTP site.

P.S. I noticed Local Concepts also has a couple of POS solutions.  If you want, you can get us in contact with the folks at Local Concept, and maybe we can create a direct link between their solutions and our API.  We’ve done this with several other POS vendors, and it is a really nice partnership because they get to focus on the POS software, while we focus on the connection to the various e-commerce platforms.

Please Contact Us if you have any more questions and we'd be happy to jump on a call with you to explain it.  Thank you.