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Creating Users


Every employee that works within Magento must have their own User ID and Password.  Additionally, their Magento credentials must be unique to Magento.  Users should not use a favorite password that is also used on other sites.

Administrators have the ability to create users and assign them Roles.  Here's how.

  •  Log into Magento > System > Permissions > Users


  • Select "Add New User" in the upper right corner.

  • Fill in the Required Fields on the next screen.

NOTE: If you use a password storage tool like RoboForm or LastPass, consider using the password generator for the password.  This will insure the password is truly unique.

  • Set the account to "Active".

  • Save User.

  • Select your new user from the list of users, and then select the "User Role" tab.


  • From the list of User Roles, select the user role your new user/employee should have.
  • Save User.

NOTE: The role Administrator should be reserved for the Account Owner and Modern Retail staff.  All other users should be assigned a different role.