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Multi-Website RICS Integration


Hello! I was recommended to you from RICS software. Our company currently has three online and brick and mortar stores, yet ALL three share the same inventory (at least on the webstore side). We already have one Shopify store but do not have websites for the other two stores.  I'd like to talk to you about this project.  Thank you for your time!



I would love to talk to you to get a better understanding of what you’re trying to do with these three stores and how you want each of them to interact with RICS.  In a nutshell, we do have the ability to pull inventory from RICS and send it off to multiple websites for you.  These could be 3 Shopify websites or a combination of other e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento.

Let's set up a time to talk to go through your requirements.  Thank you.