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Magento RunIt Integration Problems & Options


We are in trouble right now - there are many technical problems. We are using Magento and our client has RunIt as their POS. We paid another company to integrate, but they failed and provided no support at all. Also Magento is a big headache to manage.

I have a very simple question.

In your experience, what front-end do we have to use so that it will be easy to integrate with RunIt - hassle free and technically strong.

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Magento

We are willing to throw everything away right now and try to set up everything all new with you, so I have to write a proposal to my client.

Also, we are looking for a good VPS to host the front-end.



I'm sorry you are having problems with Magento.  Yes, you are right. Magento is a very large and complicated e-commerce platform, but it can be the absolutely right platform for many retailers. The problem is that Magento has been implemented for many retailers when it shouldn't. 

While many factors go into a decision to implement Magento, we typically look at the resources who will be working on the website and the revenue the website is currently making.  If the retailer doesn't have at least one full-time person who's dedicated to the website and isn't currently making at least $500,000/year, then we typically do not recommend Magento for that retailer.

Regarding which of the other e-commerce platforms is right for your client, this is a very hard question to answer because it depends heavily on the needs of your client.  The chart below may help you with the decision making process with your client.

You can also find the above chart here:

If your client is doing "straight up e-commerce" with nothing too fancy, then we would recommend Shopify.  Shopify is a very powerful e-commerce platform with a lot of features, and they host the website for you so you don't need a virtual private server (VPS) or hosting provider. Shopify does not offer e-mail hosting; that's why Modern Retail offers e-mail hosting to our Shopify clients.

If your client wants some customizations, especially to checkout, then Shopify is probably not the right solution, and I would recommend WooCommerce instead.  WooCommerce is like Magento but a lot easier.  It also runs on top of WordPress, so if your customer believes in Content Marketing and likes to blog, then WooCommerce is by far the better choice!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help as much as we can.  Thank you.