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Imagine Retail WooCommerce Integration


We are using a POS system by Smart Retail Systems called Imagine Retail. Have you done any WooCommerce integrations with this POS or could you (it is pretty robust and already has a built in integration)? We already have a WooCommerce site but have not taken the step to actually turn on the shopping cart side of it. We are looking for an integration solution so we can get started.  Can you help us?


You’re right. We don’t have an integration with Imagine Retail, but we’d love to have one.  We’ve been integrating with POS systems for over a decade, and I have no doubt we can get an integration going with Imagine Retail.  Please e-mail your rep at Imagine Retail and let them know you’re interested in working with Modern Retail on getting their system integrated with your website.  When you're ready Contact Us, and we'll take it from there (keeping you included of course).  We’ll get a meeting scheduled between their developers and our engineers to figure out the best way to synchronize data between the two systems.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to jump on a call to discuss it.  Thank you.