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TOTVS WooCommerce Integration


I'm using TOTVS as my ERP system and want to get it integrated with WooCommerce.  I noticed you don't have TOTVS listed as one of your integrations. TOTVS is the largest developer of ERP systems in Latin America.  You should look at them for your next ERP integration.


Thank you for contacting Modern Retail. Yes, TOTVS systems does appear to have a very nice ERP offering and they seem to have solutions across many different verticals.  However, what I didn’t find was any information about their API or a way to integrate with TOTVS.

I searched their site a bit but did not find an application programming interface (API) that we could use to talk with TOTVS.  In order to understand their system and what integrations are possible, we would need to speak with someone at TOTVS.One thing that works pretty well is for you to email your representative at TOTVS letting them know you’re interested in getting TOTVS integrated with your WooCommerce website.  If you copy me on the request I’ll take over from there (keeping you included of course).  I’ll then attempt to have a conference call with TOTVS so we can get one of our engineers talking with their engineers to dig into the integration for you.

If you have any questions prior to sending this email let me know and we’ll jump on a call together. Thanks and have a nice weekend.