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Microsoft Dynamics RMS WooCommerce Integration


We have an online store run on WooCommerce and a physical store that uses Microsoft Dynamics RMS as its till/inventory management software.  We are looking to synchronize the stock numbers and quantity of each SKU.  Is this something you are able to achieve?



We don’t yet have an integration between Microsoft Dynamics RMS and WooCommerce, but I don’t think anyone has.  However, this doesn’t mean we can’t use Microsoft Dynamics RMS's inventory to update your WooCommerce website.  Let me explain.

We have the ability to perform what we call a "one-way integration" using an inventory report from Microsoft RMS.  This report has fields like product, pricing, quantity on hand, etc. and is used to update your inventory in WooCommerce.  Here's an example of the fields that are typically included in an inventory report for this one-way integration:

Yes, while this is not as good as a full "two-way integration," it does get the job done and arguably, is probably 90% of the work in keeping your website in-sync with Microsoft RMS.

Please Contact Us if you're interested in this Microsoft Dynamics RMS WooCommerce integration.  Thank you.