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Cybex Systems WooCommerce Integration


I need my Cybex POS System to talk to my WooCommerce website.  Can you get this done for me?


While we don't have an integration with Cybex Systems today, this is certainly something we can do for you.  Our WooCommerce Integrator does a wonderful job of synchronizing products, order and customer data between WooCommerce and POS systems.

We actually have spoken with the folks from Cybex Systems both in October 2012 and July 2013 but never really got anything going with them.  If you could nudge them along by letting them know you're interested in working with Modern Retail to get your website integrated with WooCommerce, I'm sure that will be all that it would take.  The conversations we've had with Lazar Belos at Cybex Systems have been great, and I know together we'll have a solid integration for your website.

Please Contact Us when you've reached out to Cybex Systems, and we'll give Lazar a call to get this integration going for you.  Thank you.