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DataFile Map4 Premier WooCommerce Integration


I am looking at options for integrating our WooCommerce e-commerce website with our in-house stock system.

We use a program called Map4 Premier that is written by a company called DataFile. This program manages all our stock, orders, customers, deliveries etc.

We have our orders exporting from the test website as a .csv file no problem and can import this data into our Map4 Premier system.

We are wanting to update product information from our Map4 Premier stock system for the following processes:

  1. When an order is placed online (update stock).
  2. When there is a change to product prices in our in-house stock system (update all products where there is a price change).

Map4 Premier will export a .csv file containing all the changed data, whether it be for updating stock after an order has been sent or updating products and their prices.

Ideally we want to use Map4 Premier as the main control source of data to update the website’s stock quantities and then be able to update all products if there are any price changes made in our stock system.

Please could you let me know if  your WooCommerce Integrator will be able to do this? 



Yes, that's exactly what our WooCommerce Integrator can do! We would get a CSV file from you initially with all the inventory from Map4 Premier to seed the WooCommerce catalog with all your products. Future CSV files could be incremental updates like you suggested. These incremental updates would just update two important fields - price and quantity on hand (QOH) - because all other information would have already been overwritten in WooCommerce such as the Product Name, Description, etc.

The following help page is a little generic, but I think it might explain a bit more how what we call a "one-way integration" works:

If you would like to send me an example of the CSV file you want to use, I'd be happy to pass it by an engineer to make sure it will work.  You can get the ball rolling by Contacting Us.  Thank you.