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Smyth Retail Systems WooCommerce Integration


I use a point of sale system from a company called Smyth Retail Systems.  Have you heard of it?  Anyhow, I would like to get it integrated with WooCommerce, and I noticed you have a lot of WooCommerce integrations.  Can you help me in getting my Smyth POS System integrated with Woo?


Actually, yes I know of Smyth Retail and actually had a conversation with the owner, Tim Smyth, back in 2008 about doing an integration - if you can believe that!  Recently (Summer 2014), we had a conversation with both Tim and Lew Shields to see if we wanted to (finally) do an integration together.  Both Tim and Lew seemed interested, but the talks stalled, probably due to the busy shopping holiday season.

If you could please contact either Tim or Lew and let them know you're interested in getting your WooCommerce website integrated and for them to contact us, we'd be happy to work with them on your behalf.  Lew seemed to think an integration was possible and not all that difficult, given they could fairly easily write to our API for the WooCommerce integration.

If you need anything, please Contact Us, and we'll step in and help.  Thank you.